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will appear this afternoon. he'll visit virginia beach today. recent polls suggest the commonwealth is a toss up in the race. >> we are awaiting president obama's arrival in wisconsin. it will be the first campaign stop in three days. he's focused on overseeing the government's response to sandy. he'll campaign in colorado and nevada. >> as if the damage wasn't enough, new york is now dealing with nightmarish gridlock. this is a back up of cars trying to get into the city. every car had to go to a check point to prove three people were sitting in it. car pooling as mass transit tries to get up and running again. >>> the devastation of new york along the new jersey coast is more eminent this morning. the president promised help, but it's clear the recovery is going to take awhile. we have more on the clean up from toms river, new jersey. >> reporter: the reality of sandy's destruction is now settling in for the people left homeless to tears. >> we lost most everything. >> reporter: those displaced by the storm are returning to see what is left. in manhattan, subways are cut off by flooding. >>
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1